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Seed Facilities

Panamericana Sur Km. 42, Parcela 193, Paine

Región Metropolitana, Chile

Telephone +56 2 29587810



Since 1986


Since 1941

CIS Alliance is a joint venture between Chile-based CIS Semillas and US-based Gro Alliance.  With this wealth of expertise and support, CIS Alliance offers industry-leading seed nursery services in row crops, cereals, oilseeds and vegetables in Chile.

CIS Semillas is one of the leading seed companies in Chile with wide experience in multiple crops, from field crops to vegetables. We provide counter season services for customers around the world.

Gro Alliance Founded in 1941, Gro Alliance is the nation’s largest independently owned contract seed corn and soybean seed production company.  It provides GMO, non-GMO, organic, regulated, popcorn and soybean seed production...

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    CIS Alliance understands the importance of every seed.  Your breeders spend a significant amount of time, effort and money advancing the best varieties and hybrids possible.  You need a partner that values every single seed and cares about your nursery work as much as you do.


    At CIS Alliance
    “Every Seed Matters”

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    As well as a full suite of seed corn nursery services for companies around the world.  Its headquarters are in Cuba City, Wis. with additional seed corn locations in Howe, Ind. and Mount Pulaski, Ill.  It has soybean seed operations in Mount Pulaski, Breckenridge, Minn. and Leland, Iowa.


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    We also license genetics to supply the Chilean market with the very best genetics. Throughout the years, CIS has been recognized as a quality seed producer with a very committed team with passion for agriculture.